NCERT / CBSE Class 6 English Syllabus and Chapter names in the NCERT Workbook 2022-23

Class 6 English Syllabus Overview for 2022-23

Vocabulary: Identifying new words/meanings/concepts/characters from texts, summarizing, identify the use of words to create visual Images, Similes from prose & poetry, Word order in sentence types, Recite poem with appropriate pause, intonation and pronunciation and more.

Reading: Reading comprehension, unseen passages, Stanzas, Genre of poems, story elements, character and setting in a story, story themes, emotional development of the key character from the story, inferences from a poem, biography, autobiography & more.

Writing: Key writing tasks like Essay Writing, Letter Writing – Formal and Informal, Comprehension, Diary Entry, Notice Writing, Paragraph Writing, Messages and Report Writing is taught at this level.

Grammar: Writing structured sentences, notices, paragraphs, informal letters, diary entry, message, reports, completing a story, debates, speech & more

Speaking: Speaking in English is emphasized here with debates & using proper syllables and pronunciation.

Practice Worksheets for Class 6 English

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Best English Worksheets for Class 6 NCERT/ CBSE/ SCERT

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NCERT Class 6 English books Chapter names for 2022-23

The Honeysuckle NCERT book for Class 6 English has 10 units and subunits and here are the names for your quick reference

Unit 1:
Who Did Patrick’s Homework?
A House, A Home

Unit 2:
How the Dog Found Himself a New Master!
The Kite

Unit 3:
Taro’s Reward
The Quarrel

Unit 4:
An Indian – American Woman in Space: Kalpana Chawla

Unit 5:
A Different Kind of School
Where Do All the Teachers Go?

Unit 6:
Who I Am
The Wonderful Words

Unit 7:
Fair Play

Unit 8:
A Game of Chance

Unit 9:
Desert Animals
What if

Unit 10:
The Banyan Tree

A Pact with the Sun, NCERT book for Class 6 English has 10 units and subunits and here are the names for your quick reference

Chapter 1: A Tale of Two Birds
Chapter 2: The Friendly Mongoose
Chapter 3: The Shepherd’s Treasure
Chapter 4: The Old-Clock Shop
Chapter 5: Tansen
Chapter 6: The Monkey and the Crocodile
Chapter 7: The Wonder Called Sleep
Chapter 8: A Pact with the Sun
Chapter 9: What Happened to the Reptiles
Chapter 10: A Strange Wrestling Match

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