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Resources and worksheets are useful & creative, and very well aligned with the IB Curriculum.
Imogen D

Wow, Comprehensive and easy to choose necessary additional resources when I need it to supplement my Math Program. -
Gail S

This was very useful for us as teacher's to guide the children in a very unique and clear worksheets. It is a kind of digging deeper resource which will help the student's to understand easily.
Agatha Banu Thomas

Practice makes perfect!. I see a good variety of exercises neatly categorized according to various topics, all of it in one place. A great way to keep children engaged and learning more each day. With more kids having access to laptop/Chromebook these days, the downloadable PDF workbooks are a great way to keep them engaged during the school year and holidays.
Govind J

Free Math and English Worksheet Samples

For Free Math and English worksheet samples click below. The Worksheets here are generally suitable for students studying in IB (PYP), Singapore Math, Cambridge Primary, UK National, K12 Common core standards, Australian, New Zealand, NCERT, CBSE, ICSE & all International Curriculum.

Grade 1 / Class 1 English Grade 1 / Class 1 Maths

Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Numbers, Counting, Estimating, Number Bonds, Geometry, Time, Handwriting Skills, Phonics, Alphabets, Picture Prompt, Writing, Grammar, Essay writing, Reading Comprehension and more.

Grade 2 / Class 2 English Grade 2 / Class 2 Maths

Place Value, Numbers, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Fractions, Time, Measurement, Data Handling, Geometry, Writing, Spelling, Grammar, Phonics, Prompts, Unseen Passage, Essay writing, Reading Comprehension and more.

Grade 3 / Class 3 English Grade 3 / Class 3 Maths

Place Value, Numbers, Fraction, Shapes, Position & Movement, Numbers, Measurement, Time, Word Problems, Reading, Writing, Idioms, Contractions, Spelling List, Sentence Work and more.

Grade 4 / Class 4 English Grade 4 / Class 4 Maths

Decimals, Numbers, Place Value, Division, Geometry, Number Sequence, Word Problems, Fractions, Data Handling, Reading, Writing, Grammar and more.

Grade 5 / Class 5 English Grade 5 / Class 5 Maths

Place Value, Decimal & Percentage, Ratio & Proportion, Time, Data Handling, Word Problems, Creative Writing, Reading Comprehension, Poems, Proverbs, Palindromes, Punctuations, Tenses and more.

Grade 6 / Class 6 English Grade 6 / Class 6 Maths

Number Operation, Order of Operations, Index & Exponent, Area, Perimeter, Fractions, Decimals, Percentage, Word Problems, Probability, Statistics, Reading, Writing, Grammar, Parts of Speech and more.

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