NCERT, CBSE Class 3 English Syllabus and Chapter names in the NCERT Workbook 2023-24

Class 3 English Syllabus Overview for 2023-24

Vocabulary: :Spellings, synonyms, antonyms, rhyming words, silent letters, vowels, consonants, family relationship vocabulary, people and their occupation etc is taught here.

Reading: Reading poems with correct pronunciation and intonation which basically involves stress, rhythm, connected speech and accent. Student is encouraged to perform role play with appropriate expressions to enhance their skill of command over the language. Reading comprehension and identifying the main idea, details, sequencing and drawing conclusion. Oral expression of his/her opinion about the story and character is also taught here at this stage.

Writing: Is taught the next level of writing sentences, words, phrases with appropriate punctuation, writing sentences on personal experience is also explored here. Short story writing, paragraph writing is also good to learn here.

Grammar: Punctuation marks, nouns, verbs, adverbs, preposition, pronouns, conjunction, adjectives, simple past and simple present tenses etc is introduced and emphasized here.

Practice Worksheets for Class 3 English

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Best English Worksheets for Class 3 NCERT, CBSE, SCERT syllabus

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The NCERT book for Class 3 English has 10 units and subunits and here are the names for your quick reference

Unit 1:
Good Morning
The Magic Garden

Unit 2:
Bird Talk
Nina and the Baby Sparrows

Unit 3:
Little by Little
The Enormous Turnip

Unit 4:
Sea Song
A Little Fish Story

Unit 5:
The Balloon Man
The Yellow Butterfly

Unit 6:
The Story of the Road

Unit 7:
Puppy and I
Little Tiger, Big Tiger

Unit 8:
What is in the Mailbox?
My Silly Sister

Unit 9:
Do not Tell
He is My Brother

Unit 10:
How Creatures Move
The Ship of the Desert

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