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Practice English & Maths worksheets for Grade 1 to 6

Grade 1

Addition, subtraction, counting, estimating, number bonds, geometry, handwriting skills, phonics, alphabets and more.

English Maths

Grade 2

Multiplication, division, number pairs, tens & ones, time, measurement, word families, phonics, comprehension passages and more.

English Maths

Grade 3

Place value, fraction, shapes, position & movement, measurement, Idioms, contractions, spelling list, sentence work and more.

English Maths

Grade 4

Decimal notation, number sequence, word problems, fractions, data handling, abbreviations, prefix, homonym and more.

English Maths

Grade 5

Place value, decimal & percentage, ratio & proportion, time, proverbs, palindromes, punctuations, tenses and more.

English Maths

Grade 6

Number operation, order of operations, index & exponent, graphs, probability, statistics, colloquialism, connectives, parts of speech, prepositions and more.

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The, including a network of skilled content providers, aim to cater to the and students not only in India but globally. Our team is enriched with people with passion for education to be imparted at no or low cost.

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