NCERT / CBSE Class 3 Maths Syllabus and Chapter names in the NCERT Workbook 2023-24

Syllabus Overview for 2023-24

Numeracy: Students are introduced to three-digit numbers up to 999 which includes reading, writing, comparing numbers based on their place value, real life word problems involving addition and subtraction of three-digit numbers with and without regrouping. Multiplication tables (facts) of numbers 2,3,4,5 and 10 in real life situation. Analysing and applying the number operation in the correct context. Understands to explain the meaning of division facts, sharing, equal groups, repeated subtraction as the means of division.

Addition and Subtraction: Addition and subtraction of small amount of money with and without regrouping.

Bills: Understand how to make rate charts and simple bills which we come across our day-to-day life.

Shapes: Understand 2D shapes, making them with the help of a paper by folding, cutting, and using straight lines. Recognize 2D shapes by sides, corners, and diagonals.

Measurement: Estimating and measuring length, distance using standard units like centimetres, metres and understand the relationship between them. Weighing objects using standard units like grams and kilograms using a basic weighing scale. Comparing capacity of different containers using non-standard units. Adding and subtracting various measurement involving weight in real life situation

Day and date: Reading a calendar and understanding how to use it. Reading the time using a clock or a watch.

Patterns: More in-depth understanding of patterns in shapes and numbers.
Data Handling: Recording data using tally marks, representing them pictorially and inferring from them
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NCERT Class 3 Mathematics book Chapter names for 2022-23
The NCERT book for Class 3 Mathematics has 14 chapters and here are the names for your quick reference
1. Where to look from?
2. Fun with Numbers
3. Give and Take
4. Long and Short
5. Shapes and Designs
6. Fun with Give and Take
7. Time Goes on
8. Who is Heavier?
9. How many times?
10. Play with Patterns
11. Jugs and Mugs
12. Can We Share?
13. Smart Charts
14. Rupees and Paise

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