NCERT / CBSE Class 2 Maths Syllabus and Chapter names in the NCERT Workbook 2023-24

Syllabus Overview for 2023-24

Numeracy: Students learn about two-digit numbers up to 99, writing them and reading them. They also learn about place value of numbers up to 99, in writing and comparing them. Counting in tens and ones is also taught. Students are taught to form the greatest and smallest two-digit numbers with a given set of numbers in which they explore numbers. Real life word problems in addition and subtraction are also taught here. Money concept is taught for an amount up to Rs 100

Shapes: 2D and 3D shapes are introduced with their names like cuboid, cylinder, cone, and sphere and how to distinguish them. Distinguishing straight and curved lines including vertical, horizontal and slant lines is another key concept taught at this stage.

Measurement: Estimating and measuring length, capacity of containers using standard and non-standard units.

Comparison: Comparing heavier and lighter objects,

Time: identifying days of the week, month, and year,

Sequencing events and time: Sequencing events occurring according to the time of the day or by hour.

Data Handling: Collecting, plotting in a table or graph, and inferring data collected is emphasized here

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NCERT Class 2 Mathematics book Chapter names for 2022-23

The NCERT book for Class 2 Mathematics has 15 chapters and here are the names for your quick reference

1. What is Long, What is Round?
2. Counting in Groups
3. How Much Can You Carry?
4. Counting in Tens
5. Patterns
6. Footprints
7. Jugs and Mugs
8. Tens and Ones
9. My Funday
10. Add our Points
11. Lines and Lines
12. Give and Take
13. The Longest Step
14. Birds Come, Birds Go
15. How Many Ponytails?

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