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Knowing our Numbers, Class 6 NCERT CBSE workbook

In this Chapter 1 Knowing Our Numbers of the NCERT CBSE Class 6 Math book students embark on an engaging journey to understand and master the fundamentals of numbers. This chapter covers essential concepts such as ordering large numbers, which helps students learn how to arrange numbers in ascending and descending order, crucial for daily mathematical operations. Additionally, students will delve into comparing numbers, enabling them to identify greater, smaller, or equal numbers with confidence.

A significant portion of the chapter is dedicated to understanding the place value system. This concept is pivotal as it helps in comprehending the value of digits based on their position within a number. Students will practice writing numbers in both standard and expanded forms, enhancing their ability to break down and reconstruct numbers effectively.

Estimation is another critical skill developed in this chapter. Learning to estimate numbers teaches students to make quick and reasonable guesses about quantities and calculations, a handy tool in both academic and real-world scenarios.

Finally, the chapter introduces Roman numerals, providing a historical perspective on numerical systems and broadening students understanding of different ways to represent numbers. This comprehensive chapter lays a strong foundation for future mathematical learning and problem-solving.

Curriculum: CBSE, ICSE, & NCERT.

Pages: 17

Format: Digital (PDF).

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 50