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NCERT Class 2 – Fun with Numbers Workbook

In this NCERT CBSE Class 2 Chapter 3 fun with Numbers workbook introduces young learners to the foundational concepts of numbers and their practical applications through engaging activities. This chapter covers various topics, including number lines, addition, and different exercises designed to enhance numerical understanding and problem-solving skills

Students will enjoy interactive exercises like Add the numbers in the flowers, where they practice addition in a visually appealing format. Find the missing number challenges them to identify patterns and complete sequences, fostering critical thinking. The Fill in the blank space activity helps solidify their comprehension of numerical order and relationships. Additionally, Match the following encourages students to connect numbers with corresponding quantities or expressions, reinforcing their learning

Through these fun and educational exercises, children develop a strong mathematical foundation. The variety of activities ensures that learning remains exciting and effective, catering to different learning styles. This chapter is an excellent resource for parents and teachers aiming to provide a comprehensive and enjoyable math learning experience for Class 2 students

Engage with Chapter 3 of the NCERT Class 2 Math book to make learning numbers an enjoyable adventure for your child..

Answers are given at the end of each chapter.

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Curriculum: CBSE, ICSE, & NCERT.

Pages: 21

Format: Digital (PDF).

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 50