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NCERT CBSE Class 1 Time Worksheet

In this NCERT CBSE Class 1 Chapter 10 time workbook you will find well designed and useful worksheets which teaches children about reading and telling the time on the clock, identifying the time, writing the time, matching the time with the clock, writing morning, afternoon or evening of the activities we do daily and more activities. Answer keys are provided. Please note this is a digital workbook (PDF) which can be downloaded, used with or without printing.

This Workbook features well designed printable worksheets and is the best workbook for a Class 1 student. Answers are given at the end of each chapter.

Schools following NCERT, CBSE and ICSE syllabus we are happy to provide with you highly engaging and result oriented workbooks for all your entire school. Please write to us at info@grade1to6.com and we will offer you the best workbooks at attractive prices with no compromise on quality.

Curriculum: CBSE, ICSE, & NCERT.

Pages: 13

Format: Digital (PDF).

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 50