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Grade 4 Reading Comprehension Workbook

Reading comprehension is a crucial skill for grade 4 kids to develop as it lays the foundation for future academic success. It is the ability to understand, analyze, and interpret written texts, which helps students to comprehend and retain information. This skill enables students to not only understand what they are reading but also to make connections and draw conclusions. Through reading comprehension, students can expand their vocabulary, enhance critical thinking skills, and develop the ability to communicate effectively. BeeOne Reading Comprehension Workbook for Grade 4 of 40 pages will help you achieve all this. With its broad coverage of topics and comprehensive approach, this workbook is an ideal tool for Grade 4 students in PYP, Common Core, KS2, Australian, New Zealand, CBSE, and other international curricula.

Edition: 2023-24

Curriculum: PYP(IB), US Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum, Singapore Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum and suitable for any International curricula.

File Type: PDF Download

Pages: 40

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 100 for buyers from India / $1.25 for international buyers