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Beeone International Primary Maths Workbook Grade 4 - Multiplication

This downloadable PDF E-workbook of 55 Pages features Global standard worksheets of PYP(IB), US Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum, Singapore Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum and suitable for any International curriculum.

The topics covered are Multiplication tables & multiples, Venn diagrams, Changing the order of multiplying numbers, Partitioning & Recombining, Multiplication with Arrays, Doubling & Halving, Strategies for doubling & halving, Multiplication Mastery, Real life word problems and more.

This E-workbook features well designed worksheets with examples given in most of them and ideal for use throughout the year to support classroom work, to help with internal assessments, holiday practice and to revise for the end-of- year examinations at school.