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Grade 3 English Vocabulary workbook

The Grade 3 Vocabulary Workbook of 134 pages from BeeOne Books is an excellent resource for young learners to focus on building their vocabulary skills. This workbook features a variety of engaging exercises covering topics such as Idioms, Matching Contractions, Rhyming Words, Syllables, Alternate Words, Silent Letters, Homophones, and Question Words. By focusing on these topics, students can develop a better understanding of language, expand their vocabulary, and improve their overall communication skills. With Phonics and Sounds exercises, students can also enhance their pronunciation and phonemic awareness. Spelling and Vocabulary activities provide opportunities for students to learn new words and practice spelling, enabling them to communicate more effectively in both oral and written forms. By mastering these skills, Grade 3 students can build a strong foundation for future academic success.

Edition: 2023-24

Curriculum: PYP(IB), US Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum, Singapore Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum and suitable for any International curricula.

File Type: PDF Download

Pages: 134

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 100 for buyers from India / $1.25 for international buyers