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Grade 3 English Grammar workbook

This BeeOne Grade 3 Grammar workbook of 111 pages is an essential resource for young learners who are eager to master the fundamentals of grammar. This workbook is packed with engaging worksheets that cover a wide range of topics, including Nouns, Verbs, Adjectives, Plural Nouns, Subject and Predicate, Conjunctions, and many more. Through these exercises, students will develop their skills in grammar, including understanding the correct usage of grammar rules, such as capitalization, punctuation, singular and plural forms, possessive nouns, and present tense. With its broad coverage of topics and comprehensive approach, this workbook is an ideal tool for Grade 3 students in PYP, Common Core, KS2, Australian, New Zealand, CBSE, and other international curricula. By perfecting their grammar at this stage, students will lay a strong foundation for their future success in communication, writing, and academic pursuits

Edition: 2023-24

Curriculum: PYP(IB), US Common Core Standards, UK National Curriculum, Singapore Curriculum, Australian Curriculum, New Zealand Curriculum and suitable for any International curricula.

File Type: PDF Download

Pages: 111

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 100 for buyers from India / $1.25 for international buyers