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NCERT Class 4 English Workbook suits CBSE and ICSE

The topics covered are Literacy, Spellings, Phonetics, Comparatives & Superlatives, Ancillary Verbs, Writing Prompts, Tenses, Similes, Homonyms, Capitalization, Pronunciation, Word Work, Rhyming words, Suffix, Animal & their movements, Plural, Punctuation, Idioms, Animal habitat, Animal & Object sounds, Picture Prompts, Adjectives, Adverbs, Nouns, Phrasal verbs, Book report, Collective nouns, Prefix, Parts of Speech, Abbreviations, Proverbs, Compound words, Phonetics, Antonyms, Homophones, Sentence work, Silent letters, Phonemes, Singular & Plural, Latin Root Words, Vowels, Handwriting practice, Word families, Comprehension passages and many more topics.

This Workbook (PDF ) features well designed printable worksheets with examples given in most of them and ideal for use throughout the year. Answers are NOT given, if students find questions challenging then they should take the help of teachers or parents to guide them in problem solving rather than getting the answer. We call this Real Intelligent Practice.

Curriculum: CBSE, ICSE, & NCERT curricula.

Pages: 205

Author: Mrs. Lakshmi Chintaluri

Price: Rs 375